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When they say it goes fast… well, they’re right. But the days go slowly. And when you’re in the throws of parenthood with babies/toddlers/preschoolers, it’s hard to see past their bedtime. But when they start going to school – kindergarten and up – they slowly start to loosen that firm grasp they have around your neck. Maddy started kindergarten this year and she turned five last month. And she has started to loosen her grip on me. It’s hard, but also exciting to watch her and see what kind of decisions she makes. She is so different from me, so I am always surprised by her. She is emotional and feels things so deeply (like her dad). But she is also a lot like me. She is always doing crafts, drawing, building things. She loves going to Sparks (girl scouts/guides). She is very smart like her Grandnan and social like her Nanna. She loves cooking and (especially) baking, like her Yiayia.

She is wonderful.

I asked her some questions for her birthday blog post so that I can remember who she was when she turned five. Here’s what she said:

Favourite Movie: Wreck It Ralph

Favourite Food: Beef Jerky

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Thing to Do: Go to the arcade

Favourite School Activity: Library

Favourite Home Activity: Playing with Billy

Favourite Toy: Pokey (her bunny)

Favourite Thing to Draw: Balloons

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Photographer in outer space.


Thank you to my friend Shannon Yau for the beautiful flower crown that she made for Maddy’s birthday.

Thank you to Nick for being the best dad ever… He takes Maddy out on her birthday every year and buys her a birthday dress. The pink one that she’s spinning in is the dress they picked out together.





Tried out my Holga for the first time! For those of you who don’t know, a Holga is basically a toy camera. It’s made out of plastic and renders vignettes and light leaks and soft focus. Which is what makes it fun. It’s quirkiness and imperfection is a challenge, yet it allows the user to throw caution to the wind and just shoot without thinking a whole lot about the technicalities. There is somewhat of a cult following when it comes to this cute camera. They come in a whole bunch of fun colours (mine’s white) and are so light and easy to take with you any where.

I took Billy to Inglewood for a photo walk. He took some photos on my phone, while I shot a roll of TMAX on the Holga. It was overcast that day, which works well with b+w film. I’ll probably try to shoot a roll of colour on a sunny day to get some light leaks.

Here’s what I got:




I went to Toronto last month to visit my family, as well as do some work (portraits and a wedding). I absolutely love going home and this visit was one for the record books. It was so amazing both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to go back, so if you have a wedding or portrait session that you would be interested in booking with me for the spring or summer of 2014, send me an email!!

The day after I got there I drove up to Collingwood with my beautiful little sister Brittany to do this creative shoot with Herma Vegter-Petrie. Not only is she an insanely talented designer, she is also the owner of the most beautiful store I’ve ever seen, L E U K. This gorgeous boutique in the quaint and stylish town of Collingwood, Ontario offers wedding services, including florals and styling. And the clothes are so ethereal and airy. You could pretty much style your wedding entirely through L E U K.

THE SHORE // I decided to divide the post into two parts. This one was all shot on film and was shot on the shore line of Collingwood. So pretty with a light an airy feel.



Thank you Alex Neary and Brittany Vaughan for modelling for us! You were both amazing.:)

Thank you Staceylee for the beautiful hair & makeup.



For Mother’s Day this year I dressed my kids up quickly and took them down the street to the nature path and shot a roll of film. They cooperated (barely) and I couldn’t be happier (or more surprised) at how these turned out.:)

Best Mother’s Day present ever!